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Greetings Friends!! Here is yet again much more the Lord has done!!

Is it probable there can be any earnestness in the hearers, when there is none in the preacher? ‘How is it, ‘ said a minister to an actor, ‘that your performances, which are but pictures of the imaginations, produce much more effect than our sermons, which are all realities?’ ‘Because,’ said the actor, we represent fictions as though they were realities, and you preach realities as though they were fictions.’ (POWER PREACHING FOR CHURCH GROWTH- Dr. David Ebby pp. 52).
We think the above paragraph means a lot as a ministry seeking to equip others for a strong church in Africa. Kamengo village Church members; Lungala Bible Ministries-Uganda steadily touches the hearts of Church leaders. This month, Alex had a meeting with pastors in the village. It was such a rainy day, it’s a group of closely 20 pastors/Church leaders. It was such a great difficulty to walk through the village as the ground was muddy. Only the group you see showed up due to heavy rain on that day. Alex as usual had to take an exposition from Mark 8:14-21. It was such a blessing catching up with them, as most of the them were reflecting on the importance of ‘Preaching Biblically’ (Key thought in v. 15). Many of these church leaders have showed great zeal for the up-coming conference we are planning to have with them. There is a need for pastors in our community to be taught how to preach profoundly.
We discovered that there is need to have a conference possibly twice a year as Lay leader Mrs. Norah, who comes to our home occasionally to get bibles for her church puts. Through many meetings with her and all the pastors, we discovered that biblical preaching was lost in most of our churches. They quickly picked up the idea and we have jointly prayed for this conference.

On a Sunday service preparation; our Church needs help. This month we decided to use the pavers we had raised thinking they would be enough, Surprisingly when they were all put on the ground, we discovered we still need 1,000 pavers more to have all the work done. You can see, when it rained, one side was soggy and the other looking great, where pavers covered.
We are trusting the Lord to have this work done very soon. As you have been following our monthly updates, the Lord has blessed our church in amazing ways.
We have incredible testimonies from people whom God has touched hearts and saved their souls through this ministry. As we write, we remember yesterday in our pastoral visits to Maama Proscovia. She was visited by a group of her former village mates, who had come to confront her why she left them and no longer attend their religious cycles. In her testimonies, “I left your cycles because when my daughter became mad after she was bewitched, it was the church which prayed for her and she became normal. After seeing this, the entire of my family we all got converted to the saving God”.
That is her testimony! The entire of her family have developed such un questionable love to this church. We have many homes which have been in Witchcraft and now are in church trusting Jesus as their Savour.  
As we shared with you last month ‘that we will be starting ‘Christianity Explored In Luganda Not Far From Now’. On left is Alex taking through Fred Baale in the teachers’ manual book of  Christianity Explored In Luganda. Alex was teaching him how to use it when we start the program in Luganda. We are targeting the people who don’t speak much English in our community. Some of these people are looking into might have not been at church at all, we ask you to pray for God’s leading in this Luganda program.
We had our last meeting as Christianity Explored group in High Schools this week. The schools are closing and resuming in May. The students were so thrilled for having been part of this program, as Jean said in her words, “ Through Christianity Explored, I have gained deeper understanding of Jesus life in the book of Mark”. The photo on the right (above), the students were listening to Session One on the computer, while they were taking notes. We are thankful to the school which provides free power.
When students are off for a break, this relives us to have some short break too, to rest from high schools ministry until when they are back. 

In our discipleship meetings at university (Fundamentals Of Faith) we had this testimony from Jowelia who has been in this program, a university student, “Thanks to God who Has used you in my life, thanks for the classes you empowered me, thanks for the encouragement, the shadings, the real life you always shared with us. I want to gladly let you know that finally God chose me to be the incoming Maama (Vice chairperson of revival fellowship Kampala International University. Friend, as a ministry receiving such a testimony it humbles us down. Seeing people who fear God leading fellowships in universities etc. That is our goal!  Students who have been part of discipleship programs we do at universities.
In May they will be leaving for their school break and that is when they will be finishing Level One of Fundamentals Of Faith.
We continue to trust the Lord for a better transport means in this ministry. We find moving here and there being very hard for us each day. Sometimes we find moving in places where taxies don’t reach hence needing a private means of transport. Most of you know we have been using a bicycle on our farm and as well as ministry. Someone stole it. We are really bogged down with any moment.

In our farming, this time we bring our fellow Farmer Mrs. Maxiencia,on left with her structure of six pigs.
 one of the ladies who was inspired by our piggery project. She comes for advice whenever needed to us. She is not part of our church, although she habitually visits our farm and has picked up our simple means of farming too. Enjoy seeing the picture of her piggery farming.

Prayer requests
·         Pastors’ Conference Near Lake Victoria
·         Finishing to pave church
·         Ministry Land
·         Discipleship programs
·         Buying a ministry motor Bike
Alex and Simon (Uganda, Africa).

we need more pavers!!!!!!

the money we gathered we able to buy 850 Pavers that are only enough to covers almost half of the church.. we still need 1000 pavers to complete the whole work, each paver is UGX. 1000 please we need your support as we building with the people of Lungala a place of worship.

March Ministry Update

A Christian pursuit should be ruled by the desire to make the invisible Kingdom visible to the fallen World. A short reading from Charles Colson caught our attention this month as he quoted John Calvin, “…it is the first duty of the Christian to make the invisible Kingdom visible. Can it happen? Can we be not only a holy people but a holy nation? Yes, we must be. But to do so requires an understanding and practice of certain truths-what might be considered basic principles for the church” Pp. 223 .

This really caught our attention. As a ministry, our struggle is to make this Kingdom that God bestowed on us visible to the people its invisible to. As LUNGALA BIBLE MINISTRIES-UGANDA, this has been our pursuit. The Lord has been so good to us, He has opened many windows to us through which we reach out to the people. We thank God that people have been approachable and receptive.

University Ministry;
In the picture is Simon teaching in the mid-week the Fundamentals Of Faith class (Right picture). These students are a collection from Five universities around Kampala the capital City of Uganda. Some of these students are already Christian leaders in their schools. Most of them have grown in the using of the bible and developing biblical centered teachings for their fellowships.
We thank God yet again for the wonderful opportunity he has given us to serve the youth in Universities. We go through the Foundation of faith manual by John MacArthur (pastor of grace community church California) each week for two hours. This group has 16 consistent members. We also bring influential people in our society to come and do a talk about different issues that affect youth in universities e.g Financial literacy, servant leadership, public speaking and health issues. On the left is Mrs. Galukande taking the session on Christian leadership (Left picture).


hristianity Explored has steadily gained roots in Mpigi district: Since last year, this discipleship program was incorporated to LUNGALA BIBLE MINISTRIES-UGANDA. However, we have seen much more fruits than we thought out of this program. We have seen
shadrach visiting Christianity explored group at st Johns
a number of youths giving their lives to Jesus through it and many other are now involved in ministry, either with their local churches or at their schools, (within the school chapel). As a ministry, we want to thank Christianity Explored group for having been able to help with their materials.
The caption below, is our recent group meeting. We had Mr. Shadrach Lukwago join us on his first visit. We were so privileged to have him and his friend Mr. Mwesigwa. Shadrach Lukwago is currently taking leadership of this program, together with Sam Oyirwoth, whom we met January 16th.
However Shadrach Lukwago (Up front and Alex on right),  visited only the group meeting at S.t Johns Secondary School. So far we have two groups going on. One is at Kisugu Secondary School. Below (0n right) is a picture Simon leading the group into Christianity Explored. Once these students are done with this 6 weeks program, we will have a function to encourage them and also to lay a way forward for follow up. 
Christianity explored group at Kisugu Secondary school

Christianity Explored at Kisugu S.S By Simon

he ministry of the Bibles: The ministry of the Word has impacted many lives of local people in Mpigi. There is a circle of pastors around Lake Victoria who meet once a month for a prayer meeting. They occasionally invite us to take a session and teach. In most cases when we are invited, we normally take a box of bibles with us for them.
If we don’t do this, then they have to travel from villages to villages to reach our home  and get for their church members a bible (s). Like Pastor Elisha in the picture (behind him are our sugar canes). He came to our home to get one copy of the bible for the church member. Pastor Elisha had this to say to this project of bibles, “Its only this ministry that provides bibles in the whole of Mpigi. If we don’t get them here, that means we have to go to Kampala, which is too costly for most church members in the villages”.
Fatumah Asaaba has joined the church currently, she heard the gospel and turned to Jesus. She was formally a Muslim lady. She Turned to Jesus with her vigor: she got herself a bible and even her husband, who prays from another church. Unfortunately I did not get her picture.
As we shared with you sometime back, when we attended a church service and only the pastor had the bible. Friend, we consider that to be dangerous for the church. The church of tomorrow would be likened to ‘a water hyacinth on lake that is curried to every direction by wind  or wave ’. If this is not taken heed the church in Africa will be driven back and forth by any kind of false doctrine, because believers have no holy book of reference. We consider this project as the DNA for this ministry.
A couple of days ago Alex was met by a lady whose husband is a witchdoctor, she asked him if she could have a bible for her children.  This helped him to share the gospel with her and also to tell her the authority of the bible to evil/Satanic practices. We have had Muslims, Roman Catholics and Anglicans get bibles here. To those who are near us, it has been an open door to share the gospel with them and making the follow up on how they can treasure these bibles. Like the recent case, Hajjat (A former Muslim gave her life to Jesus and all her children now come to our church) we now pastor this family. This happened because we were following up on her and studying the gospel books together until she could see the authenticity of the bible gave received Jesus.  We please ask you to consider supporting this project. Bibles in Uganda area very expensive.

The ministry of farming in Lungala; In this March News letter we bring you a fellow Christian, Fred Baale who is a church member who after sometime of studying our farming ways have decided to start the same project especially piggery farming. Last News Letter you saw how our farm is, Without much difference, Fred has done the same thing. Fred also is responsible for the department of evangelism in the church. We have known him since we started this church.
Fred one of the young men that we have taught how to do piggery at a low cost at his farm
We met him when he couldn’t share the gospel with any person, he could hardly pray or even to read the bible. He always felt shy and uneasy to read. Fortunately, through our bible studies and discipleship, Fred has dramatically changed both physically and Spiritually. He is now leading one of SPIRITUAL FORMATION GROUP in the near-by villages. Pray for this ministry to grow men and women of this character. We will work together to do Christianity Explored in Luganda in our village very soon.

We teach people simple skills of farming. Even some village people who are not part of our church are picking up as we will be sharing with you in future reports of people who have picked our simple means to do farming. We know most of you haven’t seen such skills probably anywhere other than here in Lungala; they are working out for us.

This ministry is growing and we get to travel on daily basis.   We therefore ask kindly to consider contributing towards the buying of that Motor Bicycle (Boda Boda). It would easy our work and
movements. Like now this ministry is embarking on pastoral conferences, this will always make us travel for easy communication and speaking in conferences. We kindly ask for your help. 

Please continue to pray for;
v  Buying of Ministry Land
v  Paving of church
v  Youths Ministry
v  Pastors’ conference around Lake Victoria.
v  Buying of the Motor Bicycle
v  Financial support to this ministry.

Alex and Simon (Uganda, Africa)